From 3rd to 5th of December, APDHA organizes the 7th International Conference on Human Rights, this time in the city of Cádiz (Andalusia), concretely in the Faculty of Philosophy of its University.

This is not a chance choice. The conferences that commemorated the 50th (year 1998) and 60th (year 2008) anniversaries of the UN approval of the Declaration of Human Rights were held in Granada, as a response to the universality vocation existing in this Andalusian city. Besides, the conference of the year 2000 focused on immigration took place in Cádiz, at a time when society was shook by the incidents lived in El Ejido (Almería). Ten years later, this year 2010, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the opening of the Courts of Cádiz in San Fernando, which gave rise to the Spanish Constitution of 1812, nicknamed as La Pepa, and which had a great importance for overcoming the Old Regime and for establishing the citizenship rights.

For all these reasons, Cádiz is the best place to think about a world absorbed in an unprecedented crisis, not only economic but mainly a crisis of models and paradigms.

We want to vindicate human rights as the ideal of emancipation, as an aim of freedom and a model for a world of justice and dignity. Another possible and necessary world.

During the conference we will develop activities, reflections, presentations and debates, exhibitions, protest and festive acts, meetings, etc. We hope this conference will become a reference in the fight for the defense of dignity and human rights in our society, as it happened with other previous APDHA's conferences.

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